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FOCUS 10 features a comprehensive agenda packed with targeted, highly technical breakouts. Over 70 sessions will offer insights and best practices to help you optimize your security and compliance initiatives. Hear real-world scenarios on how McAfee customers maintain the highest standards of security. Benefit from deep technical presentations delivered by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Topics will include email and web protection, intrusion prevention, firewalls, data encryption, data loss prevention, access controls across endpoints and networks, and more.

At FOCUS 10, you're guaranteed to gain valuable, tangible knowledge to help you maximize your security solutions and tackle today’s greatest security challenges.

Session Schedule: View a detailed schedule of FOCUS sessions.

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Session Tracks

Track 1 — Integrated Security Benefits for the Business or One Plus One Equals Three*
In today’s complex business environment, security solutions need to address more than a single technology and need to draw from across all key threat vectors. Solutions need to be integrated, leverage a single view, and “connect the dots” across products to ensure the most comprehensive view of the IT business infrastructure within an organization. Sessions in this track offer you the opportunity to learn best practices from your peers and McAfee security professionals. Breakouts cover specific vertical security needs, including regulations, corporate governance, and mission critical requirements (mobile, virtualization, compliance, etc.). This track features the Secure in 15 methodology developed for mid-size organizations and spotlights real-world implementations from enterprise customers who have leveraged more than one McAfee security product and benefited from One Plus One Equals Three.

*For very large values of ONE

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 1 sessions.

Track 2A — Actionable Threat Insights for 2010 and Beyond
2010 has seen some of the most significant cyber attacks to date. Join McAfee Labs for a deep-dive into this year’s activity while gaining insight into some of the most cutting-edge security research in the market. Get an in-depth look at the cybercrime underworld, and learn about the infrastructure and resources that the world’s most sophisticated cybercriminals have at their disposal. Hear why reputation is so important in real-time threat protection, and participate in an in-depth technical overview on how to manage the next Operation Aurora. Learn how threats behave in different regions across the globe and what this means to you.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 2A sessions.

Track 2B — Public Sector: Cyber Security for New Government Initiatives
Government agencies and militaries have a unique set of security concerns. This track offers sessions that focus on cyber security solutions for today’s key government initiatives—from digitizing healthcare and bringing transparency and greater communication to constituents, to effectively protecting critical infrastructure, safeguarding citizen privacy, and reducing costs. Learn the latest trends in cyber security, and find out how McAfee is helping these key government initiatives.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 2B sessions.

Track 3 — Network Security: Focus on Intrusion Prevention Systems, Next-Generation Firewalls, Network Access Control, and Threat and Behavior Analysis
Over the past few months, targeted attacks that are both advanced and persistent in nature have impacted thousands of the world’s best-known organizations. Security information overload and cumbersome administration also continues to hamper the network security efforts of many corporations. This track offers real-world examples of how McAfee customers are managing security in networks of every size, and how they are doing it with less time and resources than ever before. This track also dives deeply into technical tips and tricks to help you optimize your investment in McAfee solutions to improve your network security while reducing time, cost, and effort.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 3 sessions.

Track 4 — Securing the Network: Focus on Web Gateway and Email Gateway Security
Web and email continue to be the most successfully targeted and most vulnerable inbound and outbound points of your network. Recent months have shown the emergence of zero-day attacks, "blended" email and Web threats, and the use of Web 2.0 applications as an attack vector. Securely enabling these business-critical "communication gateways" requires both proactive planning and proactive technologies. The sessions in this track help illustrate what you’re up against in today’s ever-changing web and email threat landscape. Learn how McAfee web and email offerings—both on premise and in the cloud—can be configured and optimized to enable safe, productive use of the browser and email client. Find out how to get the most out of the new McAfee Web Gateway v7 release.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 4 sessions.

Track 5 — Data Protection: Focus on Encryption and Data Loss Prevention
Regardless of your company size, everything you do to protect your infrastructure, networks, and devices is ultimately about protecting your organization’s vital data assets. Regulated data, sensitive information, and intellectual property all require appropriate protection. Whether you need encryption on laptops, USB drives, and other mobile devices, or you want to get greater insight and control over how your data flows throughout your organization and beyond, these sessions offer medium and large enterprises practical implementation examples and best practices in data protection.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 5 sessions.

Track 6 — Protecting Every System: Focus on Endpoint Security
Whether you live and breathe endpoint security, or you are an IT generalist responsible for endpoints and more, this track is for you. Find out how McAfee is transforming IT operational efficiencies with new levels of integration and best practices. Do you need to deploy and maintain the most advanced endpoint protection without making it a full-time job? Do you need to deploy innovations such as Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), security for virtualization, Host IPS, or network access control and weave them into your existing security infrastructure? Are you looking for an integrated security solution for enterprises, mid-size organizations, or branch offices? This track offers answers to those questions and gives you direct access to product managers discussing tips and tricks. Meet McAfee customers who cut as much as half of their operational costs and security management time by adopting award-winning McAfee endpoint security solutions.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 6 sessions.

Track 7 — Risk and Compliance: Focus on Vulnerability and Risk Management, IT System Controls and Services
Today’s IT organizations face increasingly complex challenges in managing risk and controlling compliance. Whether required by customers or partners you do business with, or mandated by regulations, more and more of your time is being spent reporting and auditing functions that must prove you are minimizing liability and risk for your organization. This track discusses on-premise and SaaS delivered solutions and services used by McAfee customers and partners to reduce chaos around governance, risk, and compliance.

See the Sessions Catalog for information on Track 7 sessions.

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Sessions Catalog

Check out the FOCUS Sessions Catalog for a listing of FOCUS breakout sessions.

(ISC)2 CPE Credits for FOCUS 10

(ISC)2 Type "A" CPEs are awarded to (ISC)2® members for activities which are directly related to the Domains of the CISSP.

CPEs are awarded at the rate of one CPE per hour of activity for information security events. As an official (ISC)2® CPE Submitter, McAfee can submit CPEs for you after FOCUS 10. Please provide your (ISC)2 member number and your first and last name to, and your CPEs will be posted by (ISC)2® within approximately 2-3 weeks.

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Session Schedule

View a detailed schedule of FOCUS sessions.